2021... let's go!


1 January 2021, 22:27:45

First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all the best! First day of 2021... We never wanted so much for a year to end. In 2020 a virus took over the world. It paralyzed everything and everyone, life was suspended. No doubt it was an atypical and difficult year. Millions of lives have been lost, thousands of families are in mourning. We were confronted with our own fragility. We redefined the meaning of essential works. Health systems and doctors have been pushed to the limit. But it was not just that. So much has happened this past year. The world stopped but it was also an opportunity for parents and children to live how they would like but that life as it is does not allow. For us who have children with allergies, it was an opportunity to rest our hearts and souls. There is no safer place than our homes. Today I happened to see a movie that always makes my heart beat faster, Front of Class. It is a film with a message so powerful and so moving that it made me write these lines. I am an advocate of positive parenting. Especially when it comes to allergies, knowledge is power and that's the only way we can be in control of our lives. I have always been a positive person. Whatever happens, I automatically focus on the good, what can be good and how I can turn it into something good. Nothing made me grow more, be more, want more, ask for more and without a doubt learn more than having children with allergies. It's one thing to be a daughter who has allergies and have my mom take care of me, it's another to be THE mother. Being the mother of 3 children with severe food allergies has taught me the most valuable lessons and made me the person and mother I am today. 👉 KEEP GOING, no matter how difficult it may be, how severe the reaction is, how desperate the situation is. The solution is to always keep going. 👉 NOT TO LET IT STOP THEM, nothing or anyone. Allergies do not define them, nor will they ever. It is something that they have but it is not something that has them. 👉 DON'T LET IT WIN. We fight we win. And to win they need to know, be aware, raise awareness. But the most important lesson of all, the one I really want my children to learn is NEVER GIVE UP ON THEIR DREAMS. Never give up being children, teenagers, playing, dancing, dating... Living. Never give up on anything that they feel is important. Because having allergies does not make them different, inferior or "poor kids". It makes them more attentive, careful and responsible. Children are amazing and we have so much to learn from them. To simplify, to believe. For 2021, I only wish for more awareness, more trustful information. I just wish that more children with allergies could be children and grow up happy; with responsibility, care and a strong and comprehensive support network. The film does not speak of allergies but speaks of another disability. What moves me is a way he doesn't give up and even when everything seems impossible, the family is always there, ready, available. This message is the message! Children are incredible, understanding and understand what we explain to them so well. They are our reflection, the way we deal with their allergies will be decisive in the way they look at themselves. Watch the movie, it's really worth it.

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