Speculoos with vegan icing


14 December 2020, 22:18:16

Christmas is just around the corner! It is wonderful to open the Christmas Box recipes and start making them... and eat. The smell of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are the best combination ever. Speculoos biscuit is a type of traditional Christmas cookie in Belgian and Dutch cuisine. It is important when cooking the dough, that the temperature of the dough does not rise too quickly. To get all the spices' flavours you can let the dough rest overnight on the fridge; then give them the desired shape with traditional moulds and bake. You can use a combination of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom... it will depend on your allergies. For us I used Cinnamon and ginger. RECIPE Ingredients 100g vegan butter, room temperature 70g dark brown sugar 2 tbsp of Maple Syrup (or honey) 200g of wheat flour Pinch of Salt 1 tsp of baking powder 1 tsp of cinnamon 1 tsp of powdered ginger Instructions Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius. Add the butter and sugar and whisk until smooth. Add Maple syrup. Add cinnamon and ginger. Add the flour and salt. Add baking powder. Let it stand in the cold for at least 30 minutes (making it the day before is the best). Cut with shapes. Bake for 15/20 minutes. For crispy cookies let them cool on a grill. For making them very special this year I decided to try a vegan Icing and it went very well! My kids are trilled with this tasty and funny cookies. I went online to see some icing recipes. The biggest and only problem here was the egg white. But it was easy to solve: To replace egg white: I always use aquafaba. If it works for cakes, macaroons and mayonnaise it should also work for icing (and it works!). Any aquafaba, be it chickpea, lentils or peas. Powdered sugar: they can be homemade in a food processor or bought. Lemon: helps with any flavour that aquafaba may have and that may not be liked by some people. Vanilla Extract: to add flavour, simply. Dyes: to make drawings (just be better than me). This icing is as hard as the other egg icing . I had to store it in a box before I finished the cookies and just stirred it before using it again. RECIPE Ingredients 60 ml Aquafaba (from chickpea can) 1+1/2 cup of Powered Sugar 1 tbsp of Lemon Juice 1 tsp of Vanilla Extract Food dyes (optional) Instructions Put the Aquafaba in a bowl. Beat for 1 minute. Add the powdered sugar and continue to beat. Add the lemon and vanilla. Beat until you have a velvety cream (road point). If you want to make several colours, separate into cups and add the dye. It may be necessary to add a little more powdered sugar in each bowl. You can check everything here. FREE FROM: eggs, milk, soya, nuts, tree nuts... Hope you like it!! Until next time.

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