Teal Podcast Episode 4 Show Notes: John Eshelby from ARK Solutions


3 December 2020, 07:00:29

It's been an exciting week on our side with the official web launch of the Teal App & and the highly-anticipated debut of the Teal App in the app stores. And of course, the naming of our official Teal App Ambassador - Julianne Ponan!!! As part of our continued launch event we've decided to make this edition of the show notes available to everyone because the week's offer that's included is something that's available for everyone listening or reading. Plus, this week's guest, John Eshelby of ARK Solutions, is some free-to-access resources that we want everyone to take advantage of. But first, what is ARK Solutions? At ARK Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring that schools have access to essential, life saving resources for children suffering with severe allergies and asthma. An ARK Anaphylaxis Rescue Kit is a portable case for schools that comes with and holds two JEXT auto-injectors & other life-saving resources. Bring ARK Solutions to Your School + Other Free Resources As you have or hopefully will hear in our podcast episode with John, ARK provides more than its kit to help protect food allergy sufferers. Their site contains tons of great training resources and other information that the team has aggregated in their combined years of experience, like their Anaphylaxis FAQs. If you're interested in bringing ARK's Kits to your school, you can learn more here. SPECIAL Offer - 50% Lifetime Discount on Teal App From now until next week, we're extending our offer to get a lifetime discount on Premium Teal App Membership for 50% off the regular price. With that membership, you'll have access to other great resources in the Allergy Community including: Set Custom Allergens & Get Food Tips Set Profiles for Your Whole Family Record Trial Results with the Food Diary 12 FREE Months of Premium Allergy Store Membership Access Exclusive Content Access Ladder Challenges & Record Results Sync Your Profile in the EpiCenter App Create "Smart" Medical Alert I.D. Gear Call Emergency Contacts During a Crisis Locate the Nearest Hospitals in an Emergency Call Emergency Services

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