Vegan Brown Chickpea Curry


3 March 2021, 16:53:11

The weather may be a bit meh so it is important to nourish yourself and your family with a wholesome meal. This nutritious and easy family vegan recipe uses brown chickpeas - a great source of fibre, protein and iron. Free from dairy, soya, wheat Contains coconut and sesame Ingredients you will need: White onion x 1 Broccoli x 1 Brown chickpeas x 400g (canned is fine) Coconut milk 1/2 tin Chilli flakes x 1 tsp (optional) Mustard seeds x 1 tsp Turmeric x 1 tsp Ground cumin x 1 tsp Nutmeg x 1 tsp Fresh curry leaves (this is what makes this recipe so yummy!) Black sesame seeds x 1 tbsp Salt and pepper Olive oil Coriander Method: - Prepare the vegetables: chop the onion, broccoli and coriander and set aside. - Heat some olive oil in a pan and brown the onion. - Add all the spices, including the curry leaves and continue to stir. - Add the drained brown chickpeas to the mixture and stir. - Add the coconut milk and stir. - In a large pan, heat oil over medium-high then add the broccoli in an even layer. Allow the broccoli to brown and sprinkle over black sesame seeds. - Add the broccoli and coriander to the curry and turn off the heat, leave the lid off. - Serve with brown rice. #brownlentil #vegan #plantpower #vegetables #vegancurry #nutrition #eatyourvitamins #familyrecipes

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