Vegan Easter Delight


24 March 2021, 21:56:09

Easter that is Easter has to have chocolate … a lot of chocolate! Of course, you could not miss a delicious dessert to finish your Pascal lunch. Two years ago I made a dessert, Easter nest, which exceeded all expectations. everyone loved it and it really looked beautiful on the table and delicious. This year I made a dessert with different flavours and textures. I tried a new technique of making dessert in chocolate cups. The technique used is balloons that are filled and dipped in melted chocolate. As we cannot have balloons at home, first because Lucas is allergic to Latex and second because most balloons have casein, and Lucas is IgE mediated to casein (one of the milk proteins). If you have none of these allergies, use the balloon because it is much simpler. There is no balloon … but we have balls !! lots of balls. Wrapped in cling film, they cannot be covered with chocolate, more than half, otherwise the ball will not come out … trust me! They don’t. We have a lot of details, chocolate mousse & Oreo, shortcrust rolls, "honeycomb", several types of chocolate I made for the Easter bunny to hide. Balls filled with Nutella Balls stuffed with "honeycomb" Chocolate rabbits with puffed rice Chocolate Bunnies Orange Fudge Ginger chocolate rabbits "Kinder" Eggs Cookie eggs for Mateus Mini Muffins in Egg Shape To make this dessert completely vegan you may use Agave Syrup instead of honey to make "honeycomb". Hope you enjoy it! Find this recipe on Vanessa's blog.

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